Friday, July 06, 2012

"sardanapalus" & "glaukom"

will you be my strawberry, work ink, the moment that lasts
forever, a mossy cleft, inanna, five-oh-one dash cee dash three,
fountain penny, confiteor, proxima, schvitz, the quick chicken
scratches, various replication mechanisms, fucking the pavement,
who's appropriating who's what?, what is it you find so repulsive
about this text, we are not prepared to shift gears, you have
some sort of problem with the idea of setting, you are
resisting the communication, sardanapalus, is this what they call
not in my back yard suurrearlism?,

god’s photograph, psychosocial,
stressfaced, glaukom, om gate
gate, to not prefer the one thing
or the other, i’m glad you’re
finally getting a bit of head,
rug bug’s eye view, way down
under the collage, you don’t
even know where the hell you
are, bo did, hat mojo, high
light you, dashin’ it off,
and you thot you were
special, dri-fit, the hubble
mistake, lot forty-nine logo,

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