Thursday, July 26, 2012

"rosen-zerbé" & "beauddha"

i am preparing this for you, i
never budgeted nothing, what’s
with the books, ten thousand
contest, ltdnisku, crun, potts-
jaffary, the paper in question,
maybe try it in the typewriter,
this is one of your fellows,
moss jaw, your days of confusion,
totor, days we were picking up
postcards, rosen-zerbé, identity
confusion, abandon identity,
so much cat food, coffee
by design, spot yourself,

mal art, painting with sledge,
i got the bourgeois blues,
anti-ism, tell me what’s in your
journal, fine art left in the
sun for too long, pretty flow,
mixxed, chiapet art, ersatz
blues, you want my time or
my art, agnostic blues, nonblues,
saint ride, beauddha, hat led,
you gotta watch this stuff
in the sun, media bum, postcar,
particles of the genuine, hand-
crafted money, bored enuf,

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