Sunday, July 22, 2012

"richard blue baker" & "chris isaak’s uncle"

vidor, seriously crazy shit, i
care for your succor, the whack
net, hand with eye, perhaps the
words are meaningfull, what is
meant to be stuck in the ground,
avedon, ham mail, psychedelic
jellyfish, streeeeet, at bob,
use the art, full head of hair,
cordialement, how long have you
been a nut, where you place the
perforations, macaroni and cheese
with frogs, richard blue baker,
we had plenty of these, wonder
who the artist was,

fuck!, normal i thot normal was
new, wogsm, i was planning on turning
this into art, art without commerce,
this should be long gone, artistic
accumulations of dust, to inbox
at, meiotic, chiclero’s disease,
chris isaak’s uncle, reticulated,
idzr, skull lucks, itka, this is
not, the prime minister in the
hot seat, lachance, aptn, not
pil, pic sip, olome, the church
is dead, cherry honey, pir,
photogogic, pine pan, cherry line,

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