Monday, July 23, 2012

"oniasis" & "fotolampo"

upload the image into your brain,
the burning off of the face,
there is no such thing as a great
mailartist, using a chainsaw to
slice the meat, get lost in the
great north woods, a rubberstamp
that says: something you want to
say a million times, no diff
if the communication is direct
or indirect, bottomless nature,
cafsc, the whole poem is only
nineteen letters long, oniasis,
expersons, ir skaista, that
lamp keeps cropping up, sexist pink,

i don’t even have a vote, nobody
is going to miss you when you
disappear, rjd, callya, well this
is money here but it’s already
been spent once, památnik, i don’t
see any fuckin’ tree, heimwerker,
is it such a puzzle, fuch, i
think i actually might have
published this, fotolampo,
you can spend the same dollar
again, letterpress concrete,
i don’t have the right to vote,
we don’t know who the author,

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