Sunday, July 01, 2012

"um umhum" & "litbio b"

this writing looks as fresh as the
day it was written, the written
area of the page has been
removed, poetry bribe, wait i
thot i felt some text in there,
it doesn’t really register as
a flag, maybe if it was in
colour, the way this line is
forming, um umhum, this paper
seems to have gone thru a
machine, black and white
retinal delight, dime line,
bouca, bromine bouquet,

take a deep breath, e-wing,
gearlike words, bentspoonfeed,
obeah, place your sticker, my
left hand is female, guillotine-
eyebrows, try to take the
whole page in at a glance,
golden piss, litbio b, turquoise
digits, imageflash, feel the
texture of the paper, cut your
way into the void, my micro
poem, i wonder if this text
was ever salvaged, striate,

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