Thursday, July 05, 2012

"dian" & "chaos collage"

drawings of erect penises, beware
the zack hole, never had any truck
with the camero, hat inch, get yer
dick out of that turkey, magic
bird shit, registered nursing,
what are those ladies up to, we’ve
only got a particle to go by,
the message while it is still in
the wire, guilt motivation, the
eight of wands, now is an e-mail
enuf, why is all this beauty
sitting idle, dian, just say om,
i like to take it out and run
my fingers over it, portect,

is there enough love to go around,
make sure you use paper that won’t
fade in the sun, mister bent
spoon, i think there’s a missing here,
let things unfold to their fullest
extent, this needs to be swung
back into circulation, sorry
there lemon, chakra points, get
this shit into circulation,
this is not your best work,
tantra il matto, some form
of visual literacy, hot off
the burning deck, chaos collage,
the third line, aperture self,

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