Sunday, July 15, 2012

"any network" & "alsadoon"

you can’t even remember your own
phone number, you can’t even remember
your own name, save paper and
reduce clutter, i don’t really
want to think about these people,
i think we were paying less, no
need to emphasize, nationwide
talk and text, shortly before
you were seized, ten bucks is
ten bucks, any network, you got
suckered, you weren’t making
any phonecalls, do not send
cash, automated calling, x,

elaborate watermark, green fibers,
in ten years this will be, city
to city with all your shit, just
wanna have fun, alsadoon, not
consuming any electricity,
can’t we get this text inside
the box, you can see the seams
if you look close, there are
people who do not know, the
paper as paper, matane, things
were out of my hands, gubmin,
enatam, bailed on you, one
remembers the street, mom,

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