Monday, July 30, 2012

"aleza" & "in zund"

teratologia, lepisosteus, jollymore,
printing cost recovery items, in wet
depression, tip up mound, must be
approved, gaultheria, nooky dace,
a big beautiful black scapania,
ixobrychus, wet spot with o,
maypole on may day, cosewic,
nilkitkwa, aleza, with carmel,
running up into the wind’s eye,
saccobasis, but for this the
regularity would be complete,

the frank chickens, newsprint
butterfly, arts funding slashed,
a fatal bicycle accin, in zund,
sleep loss away, megabuck arts
rag, a suicidal patience, scooterazi,
the day of the storm, open space,
the important part has already
been removed, the cover of
the georgia straight for
october twenty-three ninety-
seven, slocan, wrote it in mirror-
writing, a cute postage stamp,
i don’t remember having that
signature, pass flat rep,

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