Monday, July 09, 2012

"ostracods" & "teldon"

one recalls the taste, you insert
yourself into the postal mechanism.
this is your ballot, the paper vine,
collect each and every, because you
failed to discard it, inch by inck,
hot little math head, a single
bit of confetti, do not open, sheet
of paper that got spared, dinomir,
calendar remains blank, mail
liam, little slugger, ostracods,
verb two, metolius, kauai, any
mark makes art, this day only,
when the ink was exploding,
compunter, things get built,

i wanted to send you something,
tatuk, two people at a time,
striking visual writing, strange
markings, label drying paper
towel, thursday mo, teldon,
clean the rubber, wow i didn’t
even see the second one, du sud,
thirty-seven thousand households,
hat high, computer post, graph
of the tear, pommel, the
mad · , good hands, your thirt,
re ap mr, les dessin blank,
calendar remained blank,

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