Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"moixa" & "lyallite"

mini-floppy disk, didak, word
perfect five point one, sorgfältig
einsetzen, soft sector, datadisk,
schützen, queen’s printer, moixa,
falsch, drive a, multiplan,
blank multiples, precision
magnetic media, double sided
double density, electronic arts,
nunca, quickshot mouse driver,
let’s try and hook the old
computer back up, a wheel,
five point two five inch plop,
coarsegold, f, blot lab,

vidal, tuhsu, arc hyp, yunnan,
acid bottle, heft art, gvpl,
tissue text, baggie, sterilised
by gamma radiation, lyallite,
sterile stainless steel
surgical blade, vale road,
super stainless, four oh one
dukes, non magnet, the tweeze,
surgical rust, steel tool,
dissection tool, a heap of broken
microscope slides,

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