Friday, July 13, 2012

"ffe abdii" & "groc"

if a fin is a five then a twin
fin is a ten, wyn and spiritusraad,
button pops, start pounding, icrf,
black grapes, ffe abdii, regular
trance, these croziers, why see,
fell for green, there is a language
of, dragon contest, mere black,
objectual memory, our national
logo, to ming, what you choose
when you have a choice to make,
big crock, inflated maple,
bottlecap with mouse, growch,

there is no green to be seen but,
a bunch of letters overlapping,
tiger love, key logo, jut a sex,
you could visit the beer, proud
cock, paint it green, big black
rock, the minutemen on youtube,
formula one roostertail, the
dragon signifies, igro, barbequed
beaver, groc, mouse angle, grol,
arrow points to ro, rols, bot
hop, morrison bowmore, peat
marine notes,

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