Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"nanotime" & "skikiji"

do you see what the sun does to
things, you don’t want to be
lugging the book around, it faded
right from blue to black, the
problem with communication is
the illusion that it has been
accomplished, this will be
starting up again, a last green
glint of moss, you can pay zero,
mechanized shoddy, wireless
gateway, hit with an actual
paid stamp, we won’t be doing
any mailing, nanotime, we had
hope for the envelope,

nobody pays, check the void, just
in case you don’t know where to
place the stamp, we need to get
at this money, autorenewal,
station eh, catsup like blood,
pink purse, everything you love,
download hundreds, skikiji,
hilton beach, the postal rates
continue to climb, we phased
out the envelope, calling all
over the country, we should
be able to reduce, purple
and green, was it oh six or,

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