Friday, January 04, 2013


semia, other concrete, looking
at letters in a new light,
little bit of self-referentiality
here, the canadian concrete poetry
community, noise gate, chugalug
literature, art-mindedness, devo
hat, reality lessons, eagles
hotel california, reality
lessens, glyphtych, the mentality
for art, watch you don’t cancel,
your i is deteriorating, you can
take your art and, goat life,
ersatz hats, baldacchino,
intarsia, the scala santa,
religio infidelio, the gargon
of oranges, nothing comes to
hand, some sick visual poetry,
you better stick with the grid,
enuf with the word, foam show,
microfies, magnifera, nowt,
it’s a good year for the
mushrooms, metastorm,
can you handle the blank,

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