Thursday, January 17, 2013


once fluxus always fluxus,
park slope, australian lady fingers,
post industrial waste, america for
sale, non-deformed avocados,
wentwith, eat art, why no question
marks, i liked it better before
i knew what it was, the way
things were better in nineteen
seventy-two, this ain’t the last
book, mesosphere, project honey
pot, enantiomorphine, precide,
penultimate hop popping,
penny farthing, photograms,
mannamorph, tweedweave, hinds
creamy emollients, reune,
passive resistance, trench art,
subjective correlative, avant
terror, ablative sublime,
zymosis, objectile, renfro,
facing your losses, consider
it marked, selasphorus,
demonsteration, nothing special
about the original, an
imperfect blank, the voices
of idiots ringing in our
ears, weed,

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