Saturday, January 19, 2013


oy gavalt, toner on toner, aireola,
mailart arts, you can’t dip your
toe in the ocean without, para-
media, why no return address,
don’t step down, is this the same
ross, the system you have develop,
hightstown, the ash lad, racemic,
plagiarhythm, chapel perilous,
moebius transformations,
cymatic, netrail, moss middle,
i dreamed about you, art today,
all today, all all all today,
buck seventy is a tall order,
language to cover a page, the
quality of the receipt, the
book is one thing: the words are
another, keep the book out of
direct sunlight, the book is one
thing: the dustjacket is another,
how does a lawyer get it into
her head, disposable poetics,
vumming, agnomination,
salamander vetch, dogie,
split the difference on the
clock, is that a colon or a
semi-colon, refuse to use
search engines, one is candy,
deal with the blank, if
the paper has the least bit
of damage, fluxus weed,

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