Tuesday, January 29, 2013


load in subdued light, legs
meant to be open, still surging,
still sot, the crimson one, the
mint one, how’s your pan, who’s
sign is this, fullwit, better
not let you have this in
writing, stambro, animal
hoarder, dreamliner, lambic,
aggressive beaver on the
rampage, avatars-as-art,
superprims, turn off computer
once and for all, forget the
food, hops essence, i want to
buy some art from you,
coffee filler, eat the apricot,
just the one poem, spaces of
flows, ideological software,
tolerant contact, relations of
disjuncture, lost geography,
red thread, post-nafta poetics,
active individualism, the
social horizon, super-
imperialism, three thousand
two hundred and ninety-eight
page, a font that fill out
the page, examine the original
in good light, the g, a long
wake, bibendum, there is
nothing on the internet,

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