Sunday, January 13, 2013


did this say something, what’s
the pink part, all the people who
are unwanted, rubble of aerosol
cans, glotzkastenglut, swivelhead,
blamf, being there at the
moment of the earthquake,
drop head coupe, hold up to light
to verify, you can object to this
assessment, does this mean
anything, matane, muzzle
blasts, too many cameras not
enuf molotov cocktails,
bedwork, shoot down black
helicopters, shinyism, book
of dollars, note ghost of poem,
i think of you, all this
money is becoming a problem,
the suit takes a tumble,
don’t confuse your self with
your avatar, orange and
blue cluster, landfinding,
the bird man cult, the
expedition crested the
heights, the flying death,
elaboration of high culture,
funereal mosses, barbasco,
swidden, bushmaster,
decided not to stand on
ceremony, eat writing,

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