Saturday, January 26, 2013


enjoy all the textures, search
the web with this text, stick with
the art, all the shit you were
ignoring comes back to haunt
you, what does it say, preussische,
you like to think your two cents
worth is worth two cents but,
who the hell is harper,
fdlaudxaudsa, peak oil day
came and went, my cupcake
phase is over, actually eat
a large bowl of tapioca
pudding, art in contact, refuse
the designation, reset the
teaser, if you’ve seen one
poem by so-and-so you’ve seen
‘em all, love chains or chains
of love, e-nothing, one gives
tunnel, neuroeconomist, in
cyberspace no one can hear
you scream, the zahle,
sinners unite, one has fierce
brand loyalties, writer’s
corkscrew, corkscrew cluster,
up and over the pain point,
for ross priddle who never
even appreciated it,
metamedia, prising open,
autogestion, mediatization,

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