Friday, January 18, 2013

"radical interactionism"

herhaald verzcek, fluxus breeder,
tamp, i’ve got a few new, pagina one
van one, psychoanalysis art, hit
the cover, who gets the nod, this is
the next one, the mail is going so
fast, birra peroni, chamulas, the
grim sleeper, rabble fish, geoloc,
luckyboarding, add this to your
cart motherfucker, the staining
is from meat, infinite angles,
you and your fucking all,
microknowledge, cauchemars,
notcalgary, deaf jerk son,
anti-neoliberalism, culturalism,
radical interactionism, scale
bending, global hyphen local,
glocalization, an ownership
society, and zen some, nobody
is somebody in particular,
one is earning, scholarship
boy, transnationalized as
in drank, vispassana, just
fill it, are you zoo,

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