Sunday, January 20, 2013


you think you’re a cygnet, i
think your thinking is beyond me,
heracleum mantegazzianum,
the end of north america,
neighming, hyperliterary
theorist, the revolution starts
on the corner of, dongle,
godblock, shemhamphorasch,
shivadarshana, we’ve still
got to do some work together,
voclm, i check you off my
list, avoiding all real world
interaction, i know what your
name means, all refers to,
ten by twenty-five, lsd
millionaire, we need a
gap, spot the magic clue,
no time left to fill the
blank, thinkership, neo-orange
henna, post-conceptual,
neo-conceptual, noulipian,
the griot squad,

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