Wednesday, January 23, 2013


get blank and stay blank, keurig,
hippoetry, never even realized it
was water, set up another stack,
cross all five hundred out one
by one, butter and sand, one more
slogan, the words will be along
any minute now, omo a omo,
experiments hasten the collapse,
q no, guaracha, pretextual,
post-textual, england’s
cultural heritage, odyssee,
lacerated achilles tendon,
pre-eclampsia, liquefy corpses,
ever changes history, this can
go, this is the future, the
extra copy is going to cause
confusion, flug, reading
languages, griot squad, try
to move the mountain,
photopunk, a conscious tendency
towards self-destruction,
meaningless replication,
follow wallet, we are all
gone, seahorse leapfrog,
someone’s been broadcasting
your address, forgot to flip,
staple gouge, let the clock,
ficz, the text takes flight
from its material
circumstances, here’s your
oh, one whunk, are you,

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