Monday, January 21, 2013

"medical intuitives"

fluxriot, babyland, acme alberta,
seawhores, televispo, five-htp,
medical intuitives, betazoid,
all, what are these all natural
ingredients, peroni nastro,
approved liquor, put davidson
saskatchewan on the map,
drink it all away, addicted to
mail, roadside booklet, still
need your pop, i don’t even think
of you, azzurro, annihilated
space, soap slivers for the
great unwashed, dobbers,
dubstep, parapsychology,
indigent, the very bad men,
put up a hue and cry,
vidi vici veni, sex is rape,
might not wanna put it
thru the finisher, am or
pm, i forgot to google you,
zoo herald,

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