Friday, January 25, 2013

"visualisierung von leseprozessen"

a simple demand, i think i recognize
the hand of, the universal tampon,
usm, the individuals in the
network, chan art, a bit of the
nude thigh, the room in-side the
room, visualisierung von
leseprozessen, the flap needs to
be tucked, your ticket is number
thirty-four, a collection of
grass from the ground, digital
skulls, scratch art, i’d like to
see all sixty, communication
positive, still aye one, autodidakt,
one is a symbol, hoag art, gac,
i’m glad i can’t read, amazia,
kwantlen, there’s even a little
something under the flap, never
say mere, nth degree replica,
hammer that angel, subtle
cheese, it says simble, the
hands of time, art and what
happens to it, who counts the
meat, betty boop in your eye,
sol de piedra, wake up your
unlimited potential, pick
a mask any mask, redline
bag, tomorrow eighty-five,
fresnoy, one has an all
problem, a gift for
twenty-ten, face value,

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