Wednesday, January 02, 2013


open prairie: storm coming, cunts
temple, fnine, mehura, kaccup,
hands maps, contiguous countries,
your rubberstamp is a finer
thing, pub crawl literature,
beer profundity, that giant
double-you, but this is inscribed,
fourty, mailing glass, human
error at calgary, nomen omen,
love and algorithms, bottom
reader, the chattering classes,
loquats, va jay jay, it slipped
thru my hands and went down
the hole, spiritual atheism,
earth changed history, your
inworld personality, concerned
and highly educated, these
bananas are off, the weather
is not too bad if you dress
for it, the kiss of the rubber-
stamp, the green devil, floué,
sheets of time, when you
finish the book begin the book,
blouson, orange horse droppings,
a socially marginal figure,
estetica hairdresser coiffeur,
we could be getting a lot
more words down, were you in
jail, foam mafia, orange
smog, metacommentary,

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