Sunday, January 27, 2013


slave cylinder piston, to distro
or not to distro, pink means nothing,
macon bacon, racketeer influence
and corrupt organizations act,
hot potato routing, skelaxin,
mullerian agenesis, direct
intraperitoneal insemination,
the constant hunger to be exposed,
anarcho-gnosticism, pleather,
zombie satellite, girl in a
hat box, phudi, i don’t feel
anything when i, the land of
no receipts, signing is one thing
initialing is another, about
random, the instrumentalization
of culture, canada in the
world, the end of irony,
cultural instruction,
transnational literacy, super
individualization, an
international counter-public,
one has felt the bite of,
the language of the zodiac
killer, the little muscle
that gives us opposable thumbs,
shit we lived thru, seattle
down, blocks of text off-

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