Thursday, January 24, 2013

"situational ethics"

dreamwhile, propolis, poogs, the
smile at the foot of the ladder,
eating pennies, habit end of
colonization, beer cup snakes,
heatsinks, the patridiotic act,
situational ethics, chi gung,
experimental ethics, use the art,
forget the artist, what do you
got against slogans, slogans
preclude thinking, ethically
comfortable human, voir dire,
technologies of exclusion,
technologies of subjection,
exclude citizens from human,
interactive soap operas, eyes on
the street, reregulation, the
safe streets act, social
reproduction, south of detroit,
you have left the american
sector, character assassination,
closure to your heart, study
the original, try to envision
the text that will arrive,
ribbon haze, want face,
yammering mit, fluxorcism,
the one of cups, brulee,
the network extends to, the
mighty ray, refluxus,
one has a poem to give,
trax, settle for repro,

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