Monday, January 07, 2013


a paper boat that floats pennies,
intelligence demoralization, the
crack knack, bubo nipalensis, own a
zen, cloacina, the art of underground
merchandising, hibrayya, sext, yuan,
set the paper free, love came and
went, global sausages, tutv, i
am the one, do you want to hear
about the further adventures
of yourself, promising an extra
ess, paper at the dinnertable,
repetition takes its toll, biloxis,
melton, puta, inspissator, hors
de commerce edition, not exactly
left justified, vov voodoo, malay
prairie, azen, the trace of fun,
penny foam, good zook, run the
projector backward, one ate,
couldn’t you at least visit
the blog, poets it up and about,
this very well not this very,
fathers can zen, inkside, when
you say the text is done, i
do not want to see that name,
amethyst shrooms, your name
does not refer to you anymore,
vulv, fun brew, metastorm,
blank meaning, trace of
nothing, audio fun, art
foam, penny word, you fool,

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