Saturday, January 05, 2013


massive aggressive, pennies from
hell, kinky hat, anonymize,
litha, zine dine zidane,
myodesopsia, an entoptic phenomena,
vongole, it’s not about the text,
which ethnicity, i continue to
use you, enhydra lutris,
intaglio, down to the all, it’s
all about velocity, tagging as
in perforations, only caught
the last few seconds but, don’t
say hello, buying information,
salut sulet, extranational,
chachkis, avant-textes,
telluric paradise, terror
novel, one is a specimen, the
day they put barcodes on
fruit-stickers, travertine,
enceinte, umbrella pine,
orange trolley, the real
artists, newsracks cluster,
you bought, distorted
images, reminix, you weren’t
driving because, a trace
of air, hypnogogic penny,

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