Wednesday, January 30, 2013


the hand says a word, the title
says it all, throw out the
envelope, locust valley, discharge
from the bowel, sao stands for,
bloody flux, grufo unchained,
american doll with banana,
daddaland, doll with head,
vox blissett, mike dyar, dyer,
fishfinger, buy inspiration,
spiral op, what tells you,
any old hat, deep research marcel,
infinite chorus line, the
moment you hit the print button,
who’s the dude on the fifty,
the crowded page, postage where
postage is due, aka betty
stork, boy howdy, defo, pino,
unableham, ajaxpipe
quickling, superconsciousness,
i consider this work, jung
fluxus, perimenopause,
black carrots, the only
vegetable, international
cluster, yardbird, short
tandem repeats, some other
dude did it, null alleles,
dye blobs, electropherogram,
culture ideology of
consumerism, structure
of feeling,

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