Monday, January 28, 2013


it’s not a bad little thing,
the canadian excuse, waka poetry,
approve of intoxication, we
still have a drop left, nothing
to do with love, globe thistle
cluster, damage the art forward,
all angles, all garbage, pink
flecks, broxberry, the hagfish
a critter that excretes,
scrambled signals, tchotchke,
sparts, accacia, social reproduction,
deindustrialization, the
figure of outward, post-politics,
no that’s not a semicolon that’s
an i, the moment the molecule
rose to the top, the failure to
change is the, maybe you
should go back to, get black
and stay black, zero demand,
enjoy slave, lacking the means
of subsistence, harriet poetry,
last and least, fuzzing up
the line, fuzzy seahorse,
here we can trace the
branch points, fools rush to
the top, suckpess, super-
legible, gar sixty, if
everybody is fluxus then
nobody is fluxus, let’s
forget the internet,

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