Thursday, January 10, 2013


under the armpits, ouch not with
the scissors, death life and, the
the, kibosh-o-meter, handwriting
analysis on the longhands,
focus on the nazi regalia, you’re
coming along said the cops, for
instance a word like charnaise,
slewfoot, ching chong, what is
the individual up to today, the
poetry and the coils, if your
name’s fuck, the rate at witch,
groceries transportation bowling,
you got scammed, a cup of the
world, one collects love, run thru
the moss on high heels, beershit
nation, neoconcrete poetry,
blatosphere, yobibytes,
foolloose, lung-on-a-chip,
hate the artist love the art,
what do you intend to do
with it, a thousand identical
grocery lists, uhu tac, the
essential connectedness of
humanity, endowment a
common history, commiphora
africana, extension of human
consciousness, mystical
enthusiasm, fardels, cor
cordium, your no ink
inactive techniques,

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