Saturday, January 12, 2013


unicursal hexagram, optography,
telemortarismo, skillpissing,
black bloc panties, plastic shaman,
reverse capgras delusion, ssri,
i don’t even think of the artwork
as yours anymore, low rain, anonart,
kishka, can you really just come
like that, eulachon, the human
cultural experience, melaleuca,
it takes a hundred books to
write a book, misoprostol,
unicorn meat, leptoglossus
occidentalis, ego-surfing,
online reputation management,
anomic, twihards, a zine called
holepunch, measure twice cut once,
neighborhood cluster, dream
penny, massive blackout, smell
your armpits left and right,
ventilation repetition, the
technical moment, one quarter
full, forward toner, actually
do nothing, all fade away,
the new machine sucks, the
magic seahorse, you’re getting
break-up on all your lines,
i love ell, you gotta watch
your window here, changing
the density did fuck all,
would you mind working
on white paper, 

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