Wednesday, January 16, 2013


an elegant little free brochure,
a colour change, hungry ghosts,
the demons must be fed, epically
hate corporate, the prison industrial
complex, hope kills, psychophysics,
tardigrades, the drop, don’t take
the bath tissue into the tub,
all that cluster, meta-awareness,
reality star, hot penny, the
sexual politics of meat,
negative awareness, k’intus,
mujonomiento, clusters of stars,
negative constellations,
sightlines, ukuku, diamond
phallus, the disease of
interpretation, the paper has
a nice body to it, this top part
has already been replicated,
slip the file folder from
one heap of files to another,
keep out of the margins, porn
riot, a collection of blank
things, flopsy trademark,
the very first person to ever
use the word, typing without
a ribbon, it used to signify
something but, leaphorse,
the shape of a cow, i’ve
seen the thing itself online,
every week you fail to act,
picked up a stone,

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