Sunday, November 27, 2011

"one chooses not to desire"

mononoke, let me google that for
you, zen suicide, lust cluster,
the cara cara’s are gone, random
highlighting, moriarity, steampunk,
flurb, aition, writing diabolic in
concrete, madrugada, kalpa,
the two books are acting as bookmarks
for each other, prisons are not
working, orthrelm, chooses
trouble, don’t try to tell us
what the word means, glory
flying, anti-fear, brass labia,
steel vagina, noming, screencaps,
bun bun, joyojoy, all you need is
a rubberstamp and you’re in
business, crack science, they made
me do nothing, orange orange
orange, interbeing, universal
responsibility, contemporary
engaged buddhism, i’m just
founded speechless, image flow,
broadcast imperialism, nohms,
nomf, smexy, and such, begin
painting, hydrochloric concrete,
face scientists, one chooses not
to desire, digital festering,
where dost thou belong, lost
impressions, uncopiable
originals, show us some effort,
xa, read room, thinking in terms,

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