Tuesday, November 29, 2011


diazo, partial withdrawal,
face amount, mlic, so it has come
to this, leaking in flight, add
it to the collection of garbage,
meat money, sittin’ pretty or
standing pat, meat and nuttin’
but, when pigs fly: swine flu,
little fragment that says it all,
perhaps we should retire, are
these colours natural or
fanciful, diagenesis, a cluster
of red squarish dots, sandre,
megaceros, gunsels, roscoe, son
et lumiere, social exclusion
unit, julia set, differential
engine, donnina allegra,
expanded cultural and
historical, sourgrass, scrins,
inging, noncommercial culture,
make a copy of your shape, the
computer insists, begin with
intentional error, desiring
this exact moment, sunism,
hippie energy of cooperation,
channel the energy into
housecleaning, fress, bebe,
one is minting, dinside, this
is the place it all began,
blank trade, what we think
versus what we say, hallwalls,
kate vay, the reality of it,

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