Thursday, November 10, 2011

"chachipé con jujána"

clark ashton smith, paid or so it says,
the i and the money, nothing is on
sale, hmmm that’s a small bit of
paper, tu ris, scissortail flycatcher,
consider the bit taken care of,
necrogenic, abigor, a blur of
orange, cancer clusters, the
dangerous classes, economic and
historical circumstances, the
hobo phenomenon, the resumption
of work, affranchi, chachipé
con jujána, tchatcho, to live on
air, gadjo, marron, gergo,
camelote, the crush to enter
the hotel, lysurging acid,
globalisation with an ess,
localisation with an ess,
nada para amor, ownage,
e-merce, value-free, tengo
sed, kauai, the river ganga,
midnight schoolgirl,
equipoison, side project girls,
how hard it is to get a click
out of people, your little
joke is on poor taste, a
satisfactory blank, one is
a family of zero, parapussy,
skandhas, kitty cornershot,
paramilitary pussy, elements
that comprise a human,
desperately seeking nothing,

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