Monday, November 07, 2011


honey paper, heartsharks, spouge,
ghettoblaster piled on typewriter,
nothing makes us equal, can you
smell the jasmine, adding art
is sort of spoiling it, you can
go to fourteen at no extra cost,
it, thirteen twenty-three, is this
a meaningful highlight, glass-
lick, why not face the face,
gelatophobia, who does she refer
to today, i am writing this just
for you, chat theory, telomania,
affix postage or go online for
faster service, twenty pennies,
beer-food, cartouche, i hope
you don’t mind: i decided to
make this pile of paper your
problem, hat she psut, carpal
tunnel vision, the hermeneutic
circle, radiant specificity,
critical editorial help,
piagetian parallel play,
reading addicts, tordan,
incubational pits, the most
awkward footnote access ever,
axe and you shall receive,
soda slinger, gigantic dayglo
building wrapper, chat is in
person, words to make you
cream, handwriting is on a
par with typewriting,

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