Wednesday, November 16, 2011


photocopying yourself to death,
fernsehen, asscheeks are trempling,
calques, gleich, musk cat, cut
the human out of the system,
economic insanity, meat is the
highlight, biedermann’s experiment,
the fractalized self, lakerol,
the mind is a ton of bricks,
the new boss same as the old boss,
the biology of bananas, pen nib
teeth, koz, digital realization,
i take your art into my heart,
spinmaker, dyar, shoe the boss,
collab level, empty vehicle,
garbage packer, the crux of
this hegelian explosion,
belangal alba, it is considered
lucky or a curse to place a
penny in her outstretched
hand, freedom from rain,
intertemporal, tiny tubers,
polysigh, a high feathered hat,
tyress, frustrum, eyalmouch,
rouyn-noranda, because it was
written on a genuine typewriter,
waybe, flugtag, vadara mudra,
canção do pássaro, i’m not sure
why this is ringing such a
bell, please: no more words,
disgusting art, reps per, so,

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