Thursday, November 24, 2011

"concrete lamp standard"

rootser, had crap, chunk it into
the mailbox, the da, involuntary
contributers, pol lips, of fluxus
canucks, thinking about carpets,
no moisture required, the mail
train, mass produce painted stones,
you can see the scrubbed out,
you can tell by the size of the
brick, moments of kludge,
microdetails of the paper surface,
pirate publishing, stencil light,
creating something beautiful
that you could sell, we could
see the end coming from the
beginning, sociopath on the
warpath, the point at which paper
becomes digital, is it dead or
is it recorded, the plastic
got a little busted up but,
guerilla communications,
lucy fearing, take the dada
plunge, danger music seventeen
is, this has been back and forth
across the continent at least
three or four times, destrier,
boosting heaps, concrete lamp
standard, smoking carrion,
penny-farthing bicycles,
the exchange of sexual services
for remuneration is legal,

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