Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"you don't fit the bill"

you don’t fit the bill, the i
is defective, kăserei, gemeinwesen,
a condividual, a decentralized
subject, an open reputation,
a true love ponzi scheme,
a dividual, nomadology, sew yr
anus shut, you’re not even using
your code, you prefer the self-
checkout, the print head, you
don’t feel like lugging it, hip
lit, kotatsu, goldfish-weed,
a special signature, geographiction,
simultitude, haijin, ponderous
plop, pwoermds, fried shoes ! ,
clusters of girls, social fictions,
local free press publications,
hand lettering skills, glory
a priority, fugu, nil text,
an r, find the angle that
makes you happy, neonism, her
moss surround hole, midrush,
tummler, make sure you fill
both blanks,

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