Monday, November 28, 2011

"ann clayborne"

the way it was positioned in the
window, mil intis, black bart
trance, read the fine print forty
times over, it doesn’t look too
appetizing in black and white,
gimme an eff, we’ve already been
thru this unit, carol stream,
every text that pleases you is
yours, number quarter, ann
clayborne, the leaning tower of
calgary, fold this into a bug
catcher, animal homosexuality,
without boss, the last of the
metanarratives, a spectre
haunting, bridgeland rehab,
talisman, ten cents a pop,
ten dollars twenty-five cents,
this tea is a valuable gift,
chinook two-thirty-three,
why do you feel obliged to
poetry, vegetable soap, excellent
domestic crush demand, brain
rape, anti-jazz, indicible,
the book is still warm where
you were holding it, ranam,
mi-story, hateship versus
loveship, the half-said,
antinomics, bearing the word,
anti-metabole, highlight the
closely entertwined, roman
du terroir, all emm enn,

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