Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"zombie capital"

tufikirieni amani, rubberstamp
image of a rubberstamp, if it
comes down hard, the faxination,
invisi prim, the work of accepting
love, save paper and reduce clutter,
westsyde, stay connected, devil
in the body, buying grace,
groundbreaking bestseller,
stone newspaper, remember for
change, social rupture, factory
cotton, grievable, anadromous,
sculpins, zombie capital, quiex,
the examined life is unlivable,
moss letter, how to stop filling
blanks, poppy morph, utterboom,
concrete hand, you don’t fill,
our souls, the art sits sealed
and untouched for years,
glop print, you are only seeing
this today, turntablism,
wreck inition, mount morris,
the artist up close and personal,
book friction, that’s going to
hurt, socialist action, one of
a thing, one of a number,
do you not love your home,
you versus the city, this is
more a part, how is anyone
supposed to read this,

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