Friday, November 18, 2011

"zen arcadia"

a gigantic flywheel, useless
projects, art bid, the union label
is subliminal, it’s your turn,
caress, we have played this game
before, the institution is
represented by an individual,
tuckpointing, mosswork, the brown
cunts of england, her auld, high-
light highlife, zen arcadia,
social payments, tiny empires,
information superhighway
robbery, advertising campaign
without a product, trial
balloon, g-castle hippo server,
neutricidic frustrum, three
moss sog, recognition network,
pathophanic, ceilidh, edt’s,
tree make me nauseous, we
could have worked with this
toner, mindstream, avocado
velocipede, vast difference
yet same name, i unlike this,
am mere am, if you had to
drop a fin, mike peters out,
you are not even letting the
text in, it’s stapled shut
for a reason, that unfixed
toner is leaking out, don’t
make me doubt, nine billion
mailartists, purple pope,

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