Wednesday, November 09, 2011


totentanze, too much paper in the
living room, pop-physics, save on
meat, sausages cluster, gobelin,
perruquer, counterproducer,
the shipwreck of life, deepthroat
gag, what trace do you want to
leave behind, decorative mouse
pelt, a beautiful library to
study in, homo loco, real life
syndrome, pussybox, logs too much
memory, milchpumpe, black and
white will do on this, karen
hepburn, radical consonant
cluster, i want my records back!,
ambushes of concrete, electronic
heteroclites cypress, i don’t know
how to continue, now when i say
you i am thinking of somebody
in particular, search engine it
now, threak, lemme know your
snail, lex icon, who’s footin’
the bill for the printing, ram
rom rwm, little did we know,
to have it materialized, anal
eye, put your shoulder to the
paper wheel, nothingness is
happening, zook-ah, everybody
wants to be mutilated,
signed and hand-coloured,
saccades of looking, i’m
sorry it has taken me so long,

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