Saturday, November 26, 2011


the single letter, a piece of gampi,
thank you for sharing a bit of
your beautiful world, the death
of think, this seems like it wants
to be in full flight, pava, noho,
bound for glory and gagged for
glory too, the smell of your
saliva at three am, a month’s
rent, the glare of the paper,
forty grand evaporates, moving
towards stasis, a truly masculine
shampoo, the highlighting used
to be meaningful, fluxcult,
render that kiss, zackshit,
masoretic, aretes, stutterstolt,
a golden explosion, gnathous,
black hat tantric buddhist
feng shui, ch’i, car for hidden
explosives, teabagging,
kernudling, the great wall
of paper collapsed, creative
destruction, nothing down,
emery habits cabin, jovencita,
las muertas de juárez,
historical chain combating
evil, the cotton curtain,
excremental hyper-aestheticism,
disinfotainment, cointelpro,
false consciousness, making it
to your appointments, get a
fuckin’ decent printer,

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