Monday, November 21, 2011

"indri lacto"

i can’t read this because…,
a ponzi scheme of love, in the end
it all comes down to fragments,
paper is not one of the four food
groups, first you scratch it out
then you highlight it, boucheron
and saga blue, damn dignity,
european court of human, a
sense of anger, pull over: get
out the credit card: make the
call, oh there will be a record,
little booklet full of words,
times five, monet manet money,
the fifty cent action game,
the indri lemur, stack of penny,
understanding is for suckers,
sanies polybus epilegomena,
werepups, kuei kuŏ versus
kueì kuo, realizers, social
meaning, the paramagnetic state,
theoros, verification trance,
the domain state, blacksite,
grando lacto, own it, you just
breezed in, blazing thunk,
i’m devoiced, alons, how do
we get out of going thru
all this again, shonen
knife, hemmed in by money,
no way of knowing: oh there’s
a way of knowing,

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