Saturday, November 19, 2011


xoda, fake being, we need a white
pen, why do they got the same
number on them, it’s facial, you
know it’s a special day when,
heartmeat, a haio, woruber man,
rota-print, mock ersatz xerox,
strataphorical, nearmeats,
hagelslagen, ming, hockey on
every channel, gorean furniture,
woodshe, you must be present to
win, hon, gor, samadhi, do you
believe it’s empty now, all
amok, mamitavanim, down-and-out
intellectuals, vicarious goal
fulfillment, carbon-neutral,
the typewriter left a hotspot on
the desk, zanziba, looking
forward to the last straw,
fuel sloshing in a tank,
read the ground as figure,
the eye fall bird, iconic toner,
it’s not that much of a sore spot,
dayglo that, there’s still a
number of individuals, the
logo is burning, the paper has a
certain feel to it, i don’t
remember that coming in, t,
let your find, read it as if
it were writing, a year ago it
was a disaster, why bang bang,
select a portion, had a use,

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