Wednesday, November 30, 2011


moonsun, this might require a bit
of ingenuity, strange die, number of
sides, these will come in handy in the
future, the months with fewer letters
in their names, well at least somebody
is getting some, got tired of
writing it out by hand, tepic,
lemma and dilemma, the evolving
history of canadian, autosynthesis,
corrida, yab-yumming, chunnility,
light emitting diodes, burning hats,
green scare, hydrarchy, sealand,
mint time, arbitrarily highlight
something, customer retention,
lemonpuppy, make stones, tingtes,
yoga tantra, prompting nothing,
cut the text short, what is this
text asking of you, there’s a
problem with the light, monoman
eye, be like moss, anonymous war,
vortex of religions, axsperations,
hippie shit, sounds like something
you don’t want to see, as much
as we can get on the scanner,
california avenue, this file
folder could be used as a
file folder, artist with flare,
the god vortex, sabor, polvo,
way pabst caring, morland,
can we go to the pop shoppe,
señorial, pacifico, topo chico,
polar alp, sidral mundet,

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