Sunday, November 20, 2011

"laura sutra"

slingerbeweging, pareidolia,
kairotic time, attention: read
this text beginning, money is a
foreign object, walks hats
lycanthropy, betta, lemonpuppy,
the fragment that refers to
everything, watch you don’t get
your fingers caught in the
press, take pen and paper into the
street, spoon hat, a zine called
chubber, frcpc, ouellette,
manque á être, minoritization,
colonial history explains,
settler nations, social violence,
concepts and histories in
effect, binaural, owsley,
lose the bits of data, digital
dropout, magnetic domain
self-erasure, why is half this
text upsidedown, why don’t
you love me, how can you call
this art, run the deterioration
in reverse, inkblot reality,
the one you love is just another
blot, independent research,
study the monster within,
laura sutra, we could just
leave it all blank, only
a day or two later and you
can’t remember, i could
demonstrate it to you,

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