Friday, November 11, 2011


you are only making more work
for yourself, bundles? bundles
of what?, green navel, you only
made one phone call, kleenex
xerox, safe jail, book drive,
eating hehe canada, tracking
problem, conditions apply,
ex-cons in the house, the utopia
of the text, indra’s net, come
the raw prawn, a sea of grey,
do-si-do in the scansion,
words change lives, fingertips
on water, the contest effect,
gives good soundbyte, book
throwing competition, a creole
postmodernity, crucigrama,
phenergan, musth, format
format format, silly bliss,
the squalid page, pussyholder,
telescent, pis on lit, bumhow,
one is only guessing at the
correct time, a lovely eyeful
of misinformation, at least
you didn’t go on for too long,
studies the wet, chuchotement,
tamari, catechumen, spat on
concrete, a last green glint
of moss, derrida the postcard,
medicine aitch, tifny pluckit,
boys making messes on paper,
the artist is taking a dump,
a hole within a hole,

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